Greatest Airplanes The Cessna 310



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Knoxville Tennessee, and the "Knoxville Flyers" Flying Club has proven a great resource for DreamFleet when it comes obtaining popular aircraft to photograph and fly. It all started with a photo shoot for a forthcoming Cessna 152 project, and ended later with not only their popular Cessna Cardinal, but a lovely Cessna 310L, owned by club member and flight instructor Charles Queen. N137CM is his personal aircraft, and is not owned by the club, as the Cardinal is, but Charles instructs in all of the club's aircraft.


Dreamfleet Quality and Features Throughout The Aircraft!
The aircraft model was designed by Mikko Maliniemi of Finland, one of the most talented 3D modelers in the flight simulation industry, and you can be certain that this Cessna 310 will be one of the most complex and detailed aircraft models ever produced. With each new model he produces, Mikko "kicks things up another notch".


If you like the default FS2002 aircraft, even previous DreamFleet Aircraft then you are going to be in for quite a treat with the 310! Mikko held back very little when it came to detail, and even increased detail over his previous aircraft models. Here are some of the features to expect:

Virtual Cockpit & Cabin: Nicely detailed and with working gauges, and moving throttles, control wheels, rudder pedals, throttles, and sun visors. Need your charts? Then open up the flight case on the right seat! You can fly from the virtual cockpit, or from our complete 2D cockpit and interior (see below).

Complete Moving Parts: Ailerons, rudder, stabilator, rudder, and flaps all move. The wheels turn, and both cabin door, baggage door, and wing locker doors open and close. Flip a switch in the cockpit, and watch the landing lights extend and illuminate!


Visible Interior and Pilot: This, of course, should be expected, and the interior visible from the outside of the aircraft is highly detailed.

Fuselage and Lighting Reflections: The same as found on the default FS2002 aircraft, there's even reflection on the aircraft windows.

Accurate Flight Dynamics: A pretty aircraft means nothing if it does not fly well, and while it is impossible to create 100% accurate flight dynamics for FS2002, you'll find the flying characteristics of the DreamFleet Cessna 310 to be quite satisfying.


Details Galore!: Complete external lighting as on the real aircraft, including a switchable left wing "ice light". Detailed textures, right down to almost every rivet and inspection plate that is on the real thing.

Sound of Continental Engines - Music To Your Ears
Authentic Continental engine sounds are featured with the 310. You will also get all of the usual switch "clicks", gyro sounds, parking brake lever sound, etc. An audible environment that along with the visual surroundings truly give you the feeling of "being there".

Additional Features
Text-o-Matic: The ever popular "T-o-M" returns to the 310, from previous appearances in our 737 , Archer, and Cardinal. With T-o-M you can repaint your 310 in any scheme you would like, or download paint schemes produced by others. Then use T-o-M to create an entirely new aircraft model, that sports this new paint scheme, and aircraft complete with all the features listed above. By using T-o-M you can create an entire fleet of Cessna 310s!

Config-o-Matic: Joining "T-o-M" is "C-o-M". With Config-o-Matic you will be able to select certain features for your 310, such as type of gauge arrangement, or whether or not you wish to load the 2D interior views to supplement the Virtual Cockpit. You will also be able to set the various weights for your passengers and baggage, change the color of the cockpit's dome light, and the instrument back lighting, and assign certain custom keyboard commands, in order to access features not provided for via default keys in FS2002/FS2004.

Simulation 2004

Windows XP
1.5 GHz processor
512 MB RAM
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004/2002
64 MB

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