Concorde Professional Limited Edition



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This Limited Edition of Concorde Professional includes a two-hour PAL DVD of a Concorde Flight from London to New York.

The excellent PSS aircraft for FS2004 includes an accurate flight model with Concorde's unique Inertial Navigation System, fully detailed virtual cockpit, four British Airways and Air France liveries, comprehensive manual and tutorial, and fully animated parts including the nose cone and visor. 

DVD Features

Produced by ITVV in co-operation with British Airways and filmed from the cockpit with nine different cameras, this DVD is the first half of ITVV's acclaimed double-disc DVD set of British Airways Concorde.

This Limited Edition comes with a two-hour ITVV DVD of a Concorde Flight. Captain David Rowland and Senior Flight Engineer Roger Bricknell take you on a trip from London to New York with full commentary. Note that this is in PAL format.

David and Roger start by introducing you to Concorde outside the hangar at London Heathrow. You are taken around the outside of the aircraft to show you the many unique features that Concorde possesses. Roger gives you a detailed 'walk around' explaining what he is looking for during his inspection. David explains the nose and visor system which you see working.

You fly a trip from London Heathrow to New York's JFK airport. During the flight David and Roger guide you through the systems that enable this aircraft to fly at twice the speed of sound. You are shown in detail the procedures required to achieve and cruise at 1,350mph.

Other topics covered include checklist procedures, where the aircraft expands in flight, fuel transfer and the effects of centre of gravity changes and many more details. With crystal-clear audio utilising the aircraft's audio system. this is the most detailed look at Concorde that has ever been produced - the running time of this disc is over two hours!

Features include

Despite the disappointing end to Concordes flying days, in terms of performance it continues to be the most advanced airliner ever built. The excitement of travelling from London to New York at twice the speed of sound is now an experience reserved for military pilots with plenty of fuel. However, thanks to the development team at Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS), you can operate a supersonic marvel in Flight Simulator 2004. Phoenix are the acknowledged experts on airliner expansion and Concorde Professional is the most advanced package they have ever put together.

To help you master Concorde Professional the package includes a 160-page printed manual and a tutorial on the CD.

Fully animated parts including nose cone and nose visor; landing gear with compression and extension of main bogies, nose wheel steering, tail wheel and elevons; split rudder, passenger door, landing light pods, 3D engine fan blades, engine intake ramps and thrust reverser nozzles.

Accurate flight model with re-heat effect and an authentic version of Concorde's unique INS (Inertial Navigation System).

Four contemporary and classic British Airways and Air France liveries

Fully detailed virtual cockpit includes high-resolution gauges with reflective glass as well as animated control yokes, rudder pedals, throttle levers and engineers panel.

High resolution gauges
Animated control yokes
Animated rudder pedals
Animated throttle levers
Engineers panel
Reflective glass on gauges


Simulation 2004

player all regions PAL
64MB Graphics Card
140 MB free hard disk space
Windows 2000 / XP
512 MB RAM
Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004

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