Tiger Moth



Σε Απόθεμα

These top-quality models of the classic biplane are accompanied by many high-fidelity animations, superb textures and an impressive sound set.

The aircraft have been researched with the help of the de Havilland Moth Club and the Canadian version has been authenticated by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, thus ensuring that these planes are authentic and realistic.


General features

  • Authentication from the dh Moth Club and the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.
  • Wherever possible, the models are near-exact replicas of the real aircraft subjects.
  • Any detailed changes in specifications such as autoslats, engine cowl or lights for a particular aeroplane are replicated in the model.
  • Highly accurate flight modelling replicates correct airframe performance, stall moments and flying behaviour.
  • Highly detailed 3D models of the dh82A Trainer, dh82A Civilian and dh82C Canadian version.
  • Realistic artwork with 8 liveries
  • Full virtual front and rear cockpits
  • Opening access doors.
  • Operating rear luggage hatch
  • Authentic sound set
  • Paint kit: PSD layered files for exterior paint for the DH82A Tiger Moth.

Detailed features

  • Highly detailed, animated engines behind animated cowling panels.
  • Working wing Autoslats (where fitted to particular aircraft)
  • Animated Blind Flying hood
  • Working “Windy” Airspeed indicator fitted to wing strut.
  • Opening rear storage hatch.
  • Fully animated control wires and undercarriage suspension
  • Animated doors revealing detailed cockpits.
  • Aircraft can be flown from front or rear seats.
  • Animated pilot figures.
  • Animated wheels, Elevators, Ailerons and rudder.
  • Operating Blind Flying hood
  • Animated front and rear pilot figures.
  • Highly detailed flying wires and fittings, bottlescrews and brackets.

Aircraft included

  • DH82A trainer:
  • RAF- Yellow - DF-128 RCOU
  • RAF- Camouflage - R-5130.
  • RAAF - Forest Green – A17-459. L-TA
  • RAAF- Silver/Yellow A17-207

DH82A Civilian

  • G-ANLD Maroon/Silver
  • G-AJHS Blue/White/Polished Alloy
  • ZK-AUD Brown/Gold/Silver

DH82C Canadian

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum aircraft with covered cockpit.

Instrument panels

Highly authentic period panels and instruments in 2D and VC form all based on the real items for authenticity.

Virtual Cockpits

  • Complete sets of smooth 3D modelled gauges with glass fronts
  • Animated working controls including throttle, mixture, fuel cut-off and rudder pedals
  • Working Autoslat locking lever control and pitch trim levers
  • Working compass with operating bezel lock
  • Authentic layouts exactly replicating real aircraft layouts.
  • Working “Windy” Airspeed indicator on wingstrut



Simulation FSX

64Mb 3D graphics card
100 MB free hard disk space
Pentium IV 1.7 GHz
512 MB
Microsoft Flight Simulator X or Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Windows XP

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