Ultimate Terrain - Canada & Alaska



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Flight One Software, in cooperation with Scenery Solutions, have created a Flight Simulator 2004 terrain upgrade package using commercial data licensed from companies like Navteq, TeleAtlas, and DMTI Spatial, that will bring your flight experience to new heights like no other terrain scenery add-on has to date. Ultimate Terrain: Canada/Alaska contains nearly every road in the Canada/Alaska area, enhanced railroads, a new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market, corrected Oceanic coastlines, accurate landclass textures, plus much more. Product Features
Extensive Road Network: Adds every available road from Navteq's commercial navigation data. Each road is accurately placed to match its real world location. Railroads: Includes a data set that gives users enhanced railroad coverage in major cities, including rail yards. Spectacular Night Lighting: Adds a new night lighting environment unlike anything else on the market. This feature will add actual points of light, to simulate street lights, automobiles, and rural farms. Previously, this functionality has only been seen in many professional flight simulators. Accurate Water Data: This product also includes corrected Oceanic coastlines, plus islands, lakes and rivers, based on commercial data. Landclass Enhancments: Adds enhanced landclass textures and placement in metropolitan areas. Details, Details, Details: Also included in the product are detailed land polygons for things like parks, golf courses and cemeteries. The polygons will align with the road boundaries, just like you would see them on high quality mapping services and GPS units.

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