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Steve Pisanos The Flying Greek

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Steve Pisanos, the Flying Greek. When young Pisanos arrived in America in 1938, he got a job, studied the English language and learnt to fly. He got his license as a pilot of private aircrafts in 1941 and right after the invasion of the Germans into Greece, he volunteered to serve in the fighting British Royal Air Force. Steve Pisanos describes in detail his experience from the war, firing with his guns from low altitude and escort missions for bombers, air fights, flying the Spitfire, P-47 and P-51. Flying an aircraft type 47 which was called “Miiss Plainfield” he accomplished his first shooting down on 21st May 1943. Until 1st January 1944 he had become an ace. After his tenth confirmed shooting down during an escort mission in the occupied Southern France he faced an engine problem in his aircraft, a P-51 and was forced to land. He remained in the French Resistance for six months avoiding successfully his arrest. He was transferred at the airport base of Wright Field as a test pilotwhere he also attended the school there. Despite the immediate dangers, Steve Pisanos put aside his pride, his fears and hesitations in order to help for the greater good. The “Flying Greek” is an entertaining and remarkable odyssey whichwill excite not only the historians but also the avid fans of aviation. The “Flying Greek” constitutes an incredible autobiography, a fast pacing adventure which will keep the reader on edge until the last page as Steve is telling the story of his life exactly as it happened.

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