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Pathfinder Flight Computer CX-2


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Ένα  ηλεκτρομικό flight computer σε προσιτή τιμή. Εκτελεί 40 διαφορετικόυς αεροπορικούς υπολογισμούς , περιλαμαβανομένου του weigh n' balance.Εκτελεί 16 μετατροπέσ αεροπορικών μονάδων όπωσ ναυτίκα , στατικά μιλιά και χιλιόμετρα , πόδια και μέτρα , λίβρεσ και κιλά , γαλόνια και λίτρα , χρόνοι. Φαρεναίτ και Κελσίου , μιλιμπάρ και ίντσες. Υπολογίζει αληθή ταχύτητα αέρος (TAS) , ταχύτητα εδάφους (GS) , ταχύτητα mach , υωόμετρα , καυσιμα , πορείεσ και ίχνη , και άνεμο.


ASA’s CX-2 Pathfinder Flight Computer takes advantage of advances in display and microcomputer technologies for better performance and price. A menu of 34 functions gives users access to 40 aviation calculations, including weight and balance, with these features:

    • May be used for FAA and Canadian Exams

      The CX-2 complies with Order 8080.6- Conduct of Airman Knowledge Tests. Users may bring the CX-2 with them to the testing centers for all pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, and FAA exams.

    • Numerous Aviation Functions

      Aviators can calculate true airspeed, ground speed, mach number, altitudes, fuel, headings and courses, time/speed/distance, winds, headwind/crosswind components, gliding information, and weight and balance. Users can change variables and recompute without re-entering the whole problem.

    • User Friendly

      The large, easy-to-read LCD screen displays prompts for fast and easy operation. Inputs and outputs are labeled and numbers are displayed with units. The menu organization reflects how a flight is normally planned and executed. This results in a natural flow from one function to the next with a minimum of keystrokes.

    • Ergonomic Design

      The CX-2 features a simple keyboard and slim design. The hard-plastic carrying case protects the computer inside the flight bag, and fits on the back of the unit for storage while the computer is in use.

    • Unit Conversions

      The CX-2 has 16 unit conversions, including reciprocal conversions for nautical and statute miles, nautical miles and kilometers, feet and meters, pounds and kilograms, gallons and liters, time in H:M:S and decimal formats, Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures, and millibars and inches of mercury.

    • Timers and Clocks

      The CX-2 has two timers: a stopwatch that counts up, and a count down timer. The internal clock displays both local and UTC time and will keep time with the calculator turned off.

  • Interactive Functions

    Functions can be used together in “chain” calculations, where the answer to a preceding problem is automatically entered into subsequent problems. Standard mathematical calculations and conversions can be performed within each aviation function. The CX-2 uses four AAA batteries (included), and features a 5-year warranty.

  • Includes 4 AAA batteries.


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