TPS-1 Flight Computer Wind Arm



Σε Απόθεμα
  • The Transair TPS-1 Flight Computer is used throughout the World by PPL students and Flight Training Centres.

    Manufactured from the finest material, using the latest incredibly accurate tooling, the TPS-1 represents the last word in Pilot's Flight Computers.

    The TPS-1 Flight Computer is designed for the student or PPL pilot and covers all the requirements for the UK PPL exam syllabus.

    Supplied with a smart embossed leathercloth wallet carry case and comprehensive instruction leaflet. The Transair TPS-1 has been produced using a unique colour scheme which research has shown minimises confusion and makes the TPS-1 the most user friendly flight planning computer money can buy.

    Calculations include: Speed, Time, Distance, Weight, Fuel, Pressure and Density Altitude, Conversions, Heading, Drift, Wind calculations and much more.

    To avoid the use of pens which in time will mark and discolour the information window, we decided to incorporate an internal Wind Arm on the TPS-1. Pilots will find this a great added feature that not only prolongs the life of the computer but also makes it easier to use! Your brand new TPS-1 flight computer will be safely protected in it's smart embossed leathercloth wallet. The wallet also incorporates a separate pocket for the in-depth and diagrammatic instruction leaflet that comes with your computer.

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