NASA: A Retrospective 4-DVD Set



Σε Απόθεμα

Exclusively from the National Archives, this NASA 4-DVD Collector's set moves viewers along the timeline of U.S. space exploration.

"Since its inception in 1958, NASA has had a mandate to explore the vast universe we live in, striving to answer the eternal question: Is there life beyond? Now through this selection of historic documentary films chosen by our film archivists, you can share the wonder of space exploration, and experience along with the astronauts the ever expanding frontiers of our solar system." —Les Waffen, National Archives

Witness the early years in Astronauts and Friendship 7 as some of America's earliest heroes circle the Earth. Then explore the moon's surface in Assignment: Shoot the Moon and take a giant leap with Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin in The Eagle Has Landed. Experience success and failure during Apollo 13: Houston, We Have a Problem, and watch the future of space exploration unfold in Who's Out There? and The Mission of Apollo/Soyuz. Finally, before beholding the grandeur of the first space shuttle mission in Space Shuttle: A Remarkable Flying Machine, retrace NASA's progress from its inception in 1958 in Small Steps, Giant Strides: 1973. With spectacular film footage, still photographs, and informative commentary, this Collector's Set is a must for anyone who has wondered what's out there.

NASA 4-DVD collection contents:


DVD Volume 1: (approx. 90 min.)
 •  Astronauts
 •  Friendship 7

DVD Volume 2: (approx.60 min.)
 •  Assignment: Shoot the Moon
 •  Eagle Has Landed

DVD Volume 3: (approx. 60 min.)
 •  Apollo 13: Houston, We Have a Problem
 •  Small Steps, Giant Strides: 1973

DVD Volume 4: (approx. 90 min.)
 •  Who's Out There?
 •  The Mission of Apollo/Soyuz
 •  Space Shuttle: A Remarkable Flying Machine

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