Aviation Monographs : Issue 4 Aircraft Bomber



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11Aviation distributed the 4th “Aviation Monography” on 4th July2007, its theme was the evolution of Bomber aircrafts from the beginning of the 20th century until today. In the 100 pages thereis a description of when and how the first bombers were constructed, their action during WWI, the various types in each country of origin, the developments in the Middle of the war, WWII and of course post war and contemporary plans. A separate chapter refers to the future of the bomber with the constant development of unmanned fighter vehicles (UCAV) and the changes they will bring about not only operationally but also strategically. From the first biplane bomber Bleriot XI of 1911 to the Stealth strategic B-2 nuclear force, the reader relives the effort of the designers to maximize the performance of their creations. At the same time there are references to bombs, sighting devices, engines and their performance while there is an important reference to the actionof all these in the battle field concisely and helpfully in the understanding of the whole evolutionary course of the bomber aircraft. Over 200 rare color and B&W photos and color sideways profiles accompany the text. It is a theme that has never been covered in the Greek bibliography and should not be missed out by any fan of Aviation History and Technology.

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